Romance, surrealism and change of scenery are at the heart of this Instagram selection #194. Seven accounts that will inspire you!


Welcome to the strange universe of Tristan Hollingsworth. We do not know much about this mysterious photographer, however his Instagram gallery of a surreal atmosphere indicates that he is a dreamer. Flowers, female models and romantic landscapes… The artist immerses us in a tale of psychedelic tones.

© Tristan Hollingsworth / Instagram


Paolo Raeli, a young Italian photographer, spends most of his time capturing intimate moments shared with his friends. His images, always accompanied by philosophical quotes about love and friendship, submerge us in a dreamy and delicate universe.

© Paolo Raeli / Instagram


It is an ode to travelling that Sergio Paqué, a photographer located in the South of Spain, presents on his Instagram account. Photographing either wild panoramas, urban spaces at the heart of nature, or lonely silhouettes, the author always captures the beauty of the unknown.

© Sergio Paqué / Instagram


A French photographer situated at Saint Petersburg, Viktor Balaguer reveals on Instagram all of the beauty of his adoptive home. Cinematographic, his pictures are tinted with mystery and melancholy. A delicate trip in the streets of the Russian city.

© Viktor Balaguer / Instagram

@ platon_yurich 

Art director and Russian photographer, Platon Yurich takes us to his surrealist and aesthetic world. His models, as if coming from another world, embellish the seemingly ordinary landscapes. An Instagram gallery full of creativity and originality!

@ Platon Yurich / Instagram


Pasquale Autorino, under the Instagram pseudonym of @siermond, mainly captures male models in settings coming straight out of a dream. As a new Instagram user, the photographer experiments with different environments and elements. A beautiful source of inspiration.

© Pasquale Autorino / Instagram


Walter Rothwell does not have anything more to prove. Seeing the number of his followers and the quality of his pictures that we can find on his Instagram account. He is also the co-founder of Street Photo International, a collective of street photographers. A fascinating wandering in black and white.

© Walter Rothwell / Instagram

Cover image : © Paolo Raeli / Instagram