This week, let us take you on a trip with the Instagram selection #192. Views on Japan and India will inspire you as much as nocturnal wanderings.


Here is a photographer passionate about minimalist aesthetics. Marcus Cederberg’s Instagram gallery overflows with little treasures. Geometric and colorful, his shots transform architecture and sublimes our surroundings.

© marcuscederberg / Instagram


Behind the username _ek_khwaab hides a talented street photographer: Bunty Gandhi. He exhibits on his Instagram a portrait of India, his country of residency. Images full of life and colors.

© Bunty Gandhi / Instagram


Located in Los Angeles, Nick Rufo, aka killthecity, captures urban spaces with his camera. Whether he shoots at day or night, the artist brings us the mysteries and poetry of American cities. A tale of pictorial inspirations.

© Nick Rufo / Instagram


Boris Melev is a Canadien photographer who runs tirelessly after the present moment and who generally shoots at night. A pretty Instagram account for those who like to wander around.

© Boris Melev / Instagram


Kevin, aka @kevin_brari, introduces beautiful portraits on his Instagram account. A colorful logbook where urban intertwines with intimate moments.

© kevin_brari / Instagram


Here is a recent Instagram account. His owner? Ruben Jacob Fees, a portrait photographer located in Berlin. He composes elegant and intimate pictures. An account to follow closely.

© Ruben Jacob Fees / Instagram


“At the center of the forest is hidden away a clearing, which can only be found by those who are lost”, can be read on the Instagram account owned by Linda Westin. It is with originality that the photographer recomposes and refines the landscape. Her colorful artworks reinvent nature with a touch of crazy. A beautiful discovery.

© Linda Westin / Instagram

Cover image © Bunty Gandhi / Instagram