Colourful compositions, urban travels, and sublime portraits… Get inspired, thanks to our Instagram selection #190. This week, discover seven accounts dedicated to photography!


In every project, Tekla Evelina Severin seeks the perfect lines, forms and colours. She gathers, on her Instagram account, urban landscapes and bright settings. A beautiful source of inspiration!

© teklan / Instagram


We hardly know anything about Masoud Mirzaei. The mysterious photographer captures the urban space – in Iran, mostly – and composes poetic pieces. In his pictures, the veiled women and their dark clothing contrast with the pastel-toned landscapes. A nice discovery.

© Masoud Mirzaei / Instagram

We don’t know anything about the photographer hiding behind the pseudonym @bovvary. Only that she seems to be fascinated by poetry and technique: she mostly practices film photography.

© bovvary / Instagram


@Orianebrune is a photographer based in France, inspired by fashion aesthetics and capturing sublime and delicate scenes. By playing with textures and colours, she builds a very elegant Instagram gallery.

© orianebrune / Instagram


Andrea Caredda is a photographer based in Italy, who transforms his account into a visual diary. Road trips, every day scenes and touching portrait meet and form a fascinating and mysterious narrative.

© Andrea Caredda / Instagram


Here’s an account inspired by the seaside. Alexandru Costin capturers roamers and surfers with originality. His soft focus and wide shots enhance the beauty and power of the ocean, while disseminating a certain nostalgia.

© alexandrucostin / Instagram

© alexandrucostin / Instagram


Welcome to the universe of another discrete photographer, known under the pseudonym of @rainsoop. Rosy universe and views from Japan fill his gallery. A colourful haven.

© rainsoop / Instagram