Urban peregrinations, poetic compositions… here are seven Instagram accounts to escape from everyday life. A selection that will get you inspired!


When Zak Koltun does not photograph weddings, he travels, as evidenced by his pastel-toned gallery. By scrolling through his images, we only have one thing in mind: to book our next holidays!

© Zak / Instagram


Andrea Loupis is a photographer based in Cape Town, South Arica. She practices fashion, travel and event photography. Here’s a surprising and talented artist.

© Andrea Loupis / Instagram


Minimal and strange compositions forming a poetic universe… Mateo Luis Vaccaro’s Instagram gallery is filled with gems. Whether he plays with light and reflection, or he captures an amusing scene in the streets, he turns each image into a captivating story.

© Mateo Luis Vaccaro / Instagram


Based in Bratislava, Slovakia, Milan Balog studies documentary cinema. A background influencing each of his images. An account for those who like to tell stories.

© Milan Balog / Instagram


Film photographer based in California, Justin Nambiar captures the nocturnal world. He fills his Instagram gallery with retro pictures, capturing vintage cars and deserted streets lit by neon signs. A cinematic journey into the heart of American cities.

© Justin Nambiar / Instagram


Bill Thanopoulos presents, on Instagram, his “photo diary mainly about Holland”. Mysterious and foggy, his images enhance the beauty of the territory with poetry. An account filled with a spellbinding atmosphere.

© thenetherlandsdiary / Instagram


We don’t know anything about Arkady Hofmann, but we can guess his fascination for urban spaces. Though he also shoots in broad daylight, his images taken at twilight are fascinating.

© Arkady Hofmann / Instagram