In need of inspiration? Discover seven Instagram accounts that have caught our eye this week.


Here is a very delicate Instagram gallery. Ziqian Liu specialises in self-portrait. The photographer stages herself in a minimal universe, surrounded by flowers and fruits. By playing with mirror and reflection, she deconstructs her body with poetry and originality.

© Ziqian Liu / Instagram


Welcome to the colourful universe of Mischelle Moy, a photographer based in New York. Is it fiction or reality? On her Instagram account, doubting is allowed. The artist likes to play with boundaries, as she reinvents a gayer world.

© Mischelle Moy / Instagram


Magda Nałęcz, aka starababaztramwaju’s Instagram account is a place dedicated to inspiring experimentations. She loves to play with light, as reflected in her compositions, where shadows become main characters.

© Magda Nałęcz / Instagram


Cinematographer Benedict Spence presents, on Instagram, his cinematic images. His strange pictures feature deserted places – whether they are wild or urban. A setting enhanced by a natural light, calling for fiction.

© Benedict Spence / Instagram


Snowy landscapes, foggy metropoles and nocturnal panoramas fill Tuomas Normi’s Instagram gallery. This cinematographer likes to play with ambiances, and diffuse mystery into each image. A contemplative and bewitching account.

© Tuomas Nurmi / Instagram


Bill Henson shares, on his Instagram account, captivating images. The world he depicts is dark, and yet sublime.

© Bill Henson / Instagram


Fidalgo Pedroas is a street photographer, based in Lisbon, Portugal. Partial to black and white photography, he exhibits, on his gallery, his urban peregrinations.

© Fidalgo Pedrosa / Instagram