@mashallahwallahi, @wes.ly, @hosseinmirkamali, @bellajane, @shapa_talabani, @davidvandartel et @ozgur.ergull: here are seven Instagram accounts which have caught our eye this week!


Obviously fascinated by palm trees and colourful skies, Omar – a photographer based in California and Palestine – presents on his gallery soothing images. By scrolling down his Instagram account, we feel like planning our next holidays.

© omar / Instagram


Wes Mitchell, a graphic designer, posts on Instagram colourful pictures. Residential suburbs, strangely cut trees and vintage cars fill his images, and form a poetic and amusing portrait of the United States.

© Wes Mitchell / Instagram


Iranian photographer Hossein Mirkamali shares on his account a photography at the crossroads of two worlds: photojournalism, and auteur photography. Lonely characters inhabit his urban scenes.

© hossein.mirkamali / Instagram


Belinda Corney hunts down shadows and lights and presents, on her Instagram gallery, a series of beautiful street photos – urban and poetic peregrinations. An account every fan of street photo should follow.

© Belinda Corney / Instagram


“We’re all stories in the end”, writes shapa_talavani on his Instagram. Here is a photographer who loves night-time. Each image of the gallery is coupled with a delicate and inspiring narrative.

© shapa_talabani / Instagram


David van Dartel is a young photographer based in Amsterdam. Specializing in portraiture, he places his models in minimal and dreamlike settings. An account dedicated to eternal dreamers.

© David Vandartel / Instagram


Turkish photographer Ożgur Ergull composes cinematic and mysterious sets. Crepuscular lights, deserted landscapes and lonely characters create a dark and suggestive atmosphere.

© ozgur.ergull / Instagram