On Fisheye’s website, Tuesdays are Instagram days. Discover our seven gems of the week, and get inspired!


Besides being a photographer, Molly Steele is also a writer. Her Instagram account can be read as a delicate notebook, where smooth landscapes meet powerful portraits. A beautiful gallery which will inspire your next road trips.

© Molly Steele / Instagram


Behind the pseudo @hereistheo hides Matteo, a photographer and designer who often collaborates with Laura, aka @ellegramm. When he is not capturing Italy, he also edits portraits. A poetic discovery.

© matteo / Instagram


Another artist who likes to intervene on images and play with the watcher’s perception. Niela.lis plays with lights and perspective as a pretext to question her identity.

© n i e l a / Instagram


Photographer Nick Prideaux specialises in film photography. Fascinated by light, he plays with bodies and shadows to build a sublime and sparkling universe.

© Nick Prideaux / Instagram


Although he is based in Tokyo, Instagramer Kageakis travels across Japan, looking for mesmerizing landscapes and models. His images can be read as haikus, blending together poetry, eccentricity, and mystery.

© Kageakis / Instagram


Welcome to Ellis Anton’s universe. In his Instagram gallery, the photographer exhibits “scenes from an imaginary film”. Through his lens, Singapore evolves, and become a futuristic and fascinating city, evoking the aesthetics of Blade Runner.

© ellisanton / Instagram


Craig Whitehead is a street photography based in Cambridge, United Kingdom. This part-time illustrator shares, through his account, his obsession for colours and scenes from everyday life.

© Craig Whitehead / Instagram

Cover picture © Molly Steele / Instagram