Are you in need of inspiration? Find out which Instagram accounts have caught our eye this week.


Mysterious Instagramer Vicki King doesn’t reveal anything from a true identity. Each of her images, however, take us into poetic and delicate universes. An account working our imagination.

© Vicki King / Instagram


American photographer Gideon Hunter specialises in portrait. His Instagram gallery presents women posing in a sublime and untamed nature. His mastery of light gives a dreamy quality to those settings.

© Gideon Hunter / Instagram


Artistic director et image maker Arch McLeish presents, on his account, a series of trips and wanderings. Mankind is absent from the captured landscapes – whether they are wild or urban – and those deserted panoramas feel somewhat nostalgic.

© Arch McLeish / Instagram


Fascinated by photographer since he was young, Saroyan Humphrey, based in San Fransisco, reveals, on his Instagram, his taste for cinematic photography. Dark landscapes, or models gazing, enigmatic, each picture seems to tell a story.

© Saroyan Humphrey / Instagram


Here is a photographer fascinated by the sky. Whether he captures the urban world, or a wild landscape, Rafa Mateos is particularly interested in natural light. It transforms his images, helping him create universes both magic and menacing.

© Rafa Mateos / Instagram


Street photographer Antonio Ojeda plays with the colours and perspectives of the world around him. His pictures of dark silhouettes contrast with the bright walls of the city and create a colourful universe.

© Antonio Ojeda / Instagram


James, aka superjiim is another street photographer based in Suffolk, United Kingdom. While he photographs in colour and black and white, his monochrome and minimal portraits caught our eyes. An urban poetry you must check out.

© superjiim / Instagram