Are you in need of inspiration? Find out which Instagram accounts have caught our eye this week.


“We are seeing the same , but not in the same ways”, photographer Zaidy Ismail explains. Minimal and graphic, his Instagram account presents a singular and fascinating universe.

© Zaidy Ismail / Instagram


Film director and photographer Glashier is partial to film photography. Either personal of commissioned, his portraits are emotional and the models’ expressions always pique our curiosity.

© glashier / Instagram


According to Rob Chiu, every photographer must pay attention to light. Whether it be landscape pictures, or intimate rooms, this Instagram uses ray of lights to enhance his images. A contemplative account.

© Rob Chiu / Instagram


Albin Sjödin’s Instagram account takes us into the photographer’s imaginary world. His dark and bluish pictures play with reality, staging lonely and bewitching characters. A beautiful discovery.

© Albin Sjödin / Instagram


Here is an account dedicated to images and playing. Luka Khabelashvili, 19, deconstructs reality and imagine a new link between men and nature. A wonderful account, filled with provoking and surreal pictures.

© Luka Khabelashvili / Instagram


Another poetic account where nature takes back its rights. In there, the pictures seem to be sublime apparitions. While gazing at them, we must keep our eyes open and observe. Has time stopped, suddenly?

© Kyndrei / Instagram


Paintings or photographs? Here, the boundary is minuscule. Monica Hearts is fascinated by clouds and their mysteries. By scrolling down her images – or rather her celestial pictures – we catch ourselves dreaming of a harmonious world.

© Monica Hearts / Instagram