In need of some inspiration ? Discover our weekly selection of Instagram accounts that have caught our eye.


Here is an account that we are happy to have discovered as it is a reminder that the everyday world can be beautiful. The photos presented here inspire a gentleness and rest. A beautiful lesson of intimacy !

© seisho.1705 / Instagram


Giulia Geretto Romano is a young photographer that again draws her inspiration from the everyday. She is able to create the most touching layouts while all at once remaining all so delicate. So, here we have a beautiful discovery.

© Giulia Garetto Romano / Instagram


Angels Melange, 21, is a young Spanish photographer that plays with the boundaries of reality. Her dream ? To live in a fantasy world and express it’s edges through images. Here is an account that will be able to inspire you.

© Angels Melange / Instagram


Jean-Philippe Poli got into photography during a holiday in Grece. A lesson learnt from his holiday was the following : “The 400 slides brought back from this trip is hence an example of what not to do“. Today, he has improved his technique and style and continues to travel around the world.

© Jean-Philippe Poli / Instagram

@Adam Clitheroe

The owner of this recent Instagram account nurtures under mystery. We only know his name, Adam Clitheroe, and his appetite for American desert. A subject studied over and over again ? Yes. Yet, here the photographer documents the deserts and roads in a unique manner… It is not picturesque sunsets and beautiful cars on Route 66 that interest Adam.

© Adam Clitheroe / Instagram


Once again a mysterious Instagrammer. Him or her have decided to create a disturbing universe through logical and interesting compositions. Vigilant to lines, this artist is one to play with light.

© b.r.finkel / Instagram

Translated by Molly Sisson