The photographers of our Instagram selection #308 delicately capture their visions of the world. There isn’t anything holding you back from browsing their digital galleries!


Here, faces are formed and distorted, textures and colours abound. German photographer Sergey Skip is constantly seeking innovation. He becomes almost obsessed with it, so much so that he describes his work as “obscure photography”.

© Sergey Skip / Instagram


Ben Chant wanders the California coastline, capturing the smallest details of American streets. The designer softens a world in perpetual motion, whilst bringing contemplation and tranquility.

© Ben chant / Instagram


Cute animals, textures and harmonious colours fill Louisa-Marie Nübel’s account. The Cologne-based photographer develops a light, dreamlike, almost candid world on her digital gallery.

© Louisa-Marie Nübel / Instagram


Based in Argentina, Jose Pezza tells stories about his night escapes. As you browse through the images on his Instagram gallery, you realise that the South American artist envies only one thing: the night, its colours and its tranquillity.

© Jose Pezza / Instagram


Turkish photographer and painter Melike Durmus photographs her dreams in a carefree way. The artist creates a world where stillness comes to life, and where all gravity fades away to make room for gentleness.

© Melike Durmus / Instagram

Cover picture: © Jose Pezza / Instagram