What can be found in our Instagram selection #307? The moon, minimalist compositions and landscapes deserted by humanity. But also many questions… Enough to be inspired during the summer holidays!


In Richard Roberts’ world, we do not exist. Traces of life are almost invisible, only a few details of constructions appear here and there. In this suspended atmosphere, the photographer takes us to places that seem forgotten…

© Richard Roberts / Instagram


Moscow-based Russian artist George Dobrev captures people in their solitude. Intimate settings and kitschy colours… This is how the artist captures all the emotions of his subjects, and immortalises the landscapes that surround him.

© George Dobrev / Instagram


Photography allows Muriel Florence to reach a “dream state”. Through minimalist compositions and harmonious colours, the artist lays out the essential and thus highlights her pictures’ purity on her Instagram account.

© Muriel Rieben / Instagram


On @skyseeef’s account, a mysterious and fantastic world is hidden behind every mask. Photographer and designer Youseeef Oubahou is constantly playing with colour and making the unknown pleasant. His work does not only call for curiosity, it invites us to reflect on the notion of identity.

© Youseeef Oubahou / Instagram


The moon, the moon, and the moon again. You could almost think that for the Korean photographer ©moveh_, the earth revolves around it. His work soothes the soul and invites contemplation.

© moveh_ / Instagram

Cover picture: © Youseeef Oubahou