In front of landscapes, in the privacy of a bedroom or walking in the city, the photographers of our Instagram selection #299 all deconstruct, each in their own way, the grace that can emanate from everyday life – when you know where to look.


Based in Portland, USA, photographer Gilbert Terrazas turns the elements of his daily life into terribly dramatic scenes. The members of his family become the protagonists of a multidimensional film, where the images’ order is interchangeable and allows a multitude of narrative sequences to be formed.

© Gilbert Terrazas / Instagram


Lydie Bonhomme captures atmospheres on film. While the photographer masters the art of portraiture and street photography, it is her more intimate compositions that caught our eye – those depicting silent and irresistibly melancholic settings.

© Lydie Bonhomme / Instagram


Between Brest and Rennes, the photographer @by.camcam draws on the beauty of Brittany’s landscape to create moving scenes with her friends. Facing the sea, in the intimacy of a bedroom and even in the street, her models dance in front of her lens and enchant her digital gallery.

© by.camcam / Instagram


Thanachai Tankvaraluk’s Instagram account reads like a diary where everyday moments reflect the movements of his soul. With the softness of its pastel colours, he immerses us into a tranquil space, punctuated by his meditative walks.

© Thanachai Tankvaraluk / Instagram


Faustine Martin is a photographer who lives between Marseille, Paris and London. On her Instagram account, she presents a colourful universe, bathed by the Mediterranean heat. Collages, experiments, still lifes and unusual portraits all come together on her account to form a most summery collection.

© Faustine Martin / Instagram

Cover picture: © Gilbert Terrazas / Instagram