Celebrating cultures, creating characters, documenting cities… The artists of our Instagram selection #295 show off all the possibilities that arise with the photographic medium.


The Nigerian photographer Taesirat Yusuf explores the importance of the “black gaze” on Instagram. Her colourful portraits cleverly hijack the codes of fashion to celebrate the richness and splendour of her own culture. A beautiful discovery.

© Taesirat Yusuf / Instagram


“No filters, no photoshop, no selfies, no bullshit. All straight from the camera” can be read on the Instagram account of @sachaelage. Without digital manipulation, the photographer skilfully captures colourful compositions from all over the world, illustrating all the possibilities of the photographic medium.

© sashaelage / instagram


By manipulating colours and playing with sharpness, the French photographer Marin Dodouce enhances her models on her digital gallery. Lost in nature, the elements appear and provoke movement in his portraits. The result are vibrant images, evocative of the most beautiful emotions.

© Marin Dodouce / Instagram


Based in Kiev, Valentyn, aka @mushrooms.philosophy shares his urban explorations on Instagram. At nightfall, the photographer captures the mysterious beauty of the metropolis and manages to capture intriguing scenes. He skilfully transforms the quiet streets into the settings of a disturbing thriller.

© mushrooms.philosophy / Instagram


Living between Ghent and Amsterdam, photographer Annique Konink-Burms updates the principles of surrealism in her dreamlike portraits of women. In colour or in black and white, she deconstructs the lines of the body to create characters that are each more flamboyant than the last.

© Annique Konink – Burms / Instagram

Cover picture: © sashaelage / instagram