Heavenly destinations, international metropolises or imaginary worlds, the photographers of our Instagram selection #289 are explorers, offering new escapes through each image.


“I create visual essays”, writes Valtýr Pjetur Daregard on his website. The photographer, based in Reykjavík, reveals on Instagram a universe that borders on the abstract. Incongruous settings, bodies in motion… Each image reads like an adventure into the senses.

© Valtýr Pjetur Daregard / Instagram


Here is an account with a summery flavour! Waves, surfing, palm trees… In colour as well as in black and white, Filipe Mariano captures a heavenly landscape, crossed by holidaymakers and thrill seekers. A true invitation to travel.

© Filipe Mariano / Instagram


Street photographer Ap roams the streets of New York shooting cinematic images. Dramatic chiaroscuro, iconic monuments and neon lights make up his Instagram gallery. An account emblematic of the American metropolis and its charm.

© aptheangel / Instagram


Seattle-based photographer Tek Tones breaks free from the codes of street-photography to develop his own style. His Instagram gallery is a testament to this. With long or multiple exposures, the resulting images are fragments of a world-city far out of time and space.

@tek.tones / Instagram


Shuangge Song, a photographer from Beijing who lives in Madrid, delivers a colourful set of works on his digital gallery. From street photography to still life to portraiture, the artist does not hesitate to transgress the limits of genres to form an electric universe.

Shuangge Song / Instagram

Cover picture: © Filipe Mariano / Instagram