Street photography is at the heart of our Instagram selection #283. With humour, fantasy, or poetry, the photographers presented here capture and sublimate urban space.


Street art and portraits – this is what we find in the images of the photographer Andrea Morani. On his Instagram account, we can admire staged faces telling beautiful stories.

© Andrea Morani / Instagram


If you are looking for a photographer based in Hong Kong, you have surely already come across the images of Charles Mamarot. His colourful landscapes give us a sudden urge to travel into the heart of Asia.

© Charles Mamarot / Instagram


By going through the account of the young artist Bobby aka 88.shotz, we discover portraits, and the everyday life of people. The light present in the photos is a hint of the photographer’s sensitivity.

© 88.shotz / Instagram


Have you ever seen images where darkness and colour mix? This intriguing combination can be seen in the photos of the artist Ryeo Baba, who documents Asian culture.

© ryeo.leo / Instagram


The photographer Rocío Arena often expresses herself through abstract shots, on the border line between painting and fantasy. Her photos feed our imagination without interruption.

© Rocío Arena / Instagram

Cover picture: © Charles Mamarot / Instagram