Poetic wanderings, curious stagings and theatrical settings meet in this Instagram selection #274. A collection of images that will inspire you!


“The true beauty of photography comes from the singularity of people and those moments that cannot be repeated,” says Danielle Houghton, on the website of her collective. Faithful to this principle, the street photographer based in Dublin, immortalises moments of tension in the daily lives of the inhabitants. Bodies are frozen in action, revealing the geometry of the urban landscape.

© Danielle L A Houghton / Instagram


Anrielle Hunt’s passion for film photography was born “out of a deep desire to document beauty and function in all forms”. The Australian artist displays, on her Instagram account, a collection of images representing the charm of the coastlines of her native country. An account that reminds us of the joy of summer travels.

© Anrielle Hunt / Instagram


Through her hikes in the Italian Alps, or her American road-trips, the artist Giulia Zazzi displays, with poetry, her numerous wanderings on her Instagram account. In black and white, or in colour, the grain reveals itself on her film, forming a timeless narrative, where adventure prevails and worry disappears.

© Giulia Zazzi / Instagram


Dark settings, blurred silhouettes, phantasmagorical presences in misty landscapes… Ahmed Tarek’s universe is as disturbing as it is hypnotic. Under the flickering neon lights of endless corridors, or in the light of the moon, the photographer builds captivating visual narratives.

© Ahmed Tarek / Instagram


“Snaps from Brooklyn and beyond,” says Stewart Brown on his Instagram account. The street photographer reveals a collection of graphic chiaroscuro images in his digital gallery. Transformed into a projector, the sun reveals the theatrical scenes of everyday life.

© Stewart Brown / Instagram

Cover picture: © Danielle L A Houghton / Instagram