The photographers of our Instagram selection #272 showcase their universes through different ways of staging. In the intimacy of a flat, the intricacies of thought, or facing the immensity of the mountains, they invite us to discover their own world.


“I use light to reflect the feelings of my inner world,” says Laura Sales, a photographer based in Barcelona. By skillfully manipulating light, shadows and reflections, the artist imagines surrealist self-portraits that blur our perception of the individual.

© Laura Sales / Instagram


By tearing to photograph again, or by covering with words, Italian photographer Lorena Florio intervenes directly on her images to add levels of meaning. Discover deep and personal stories on her Instagram account.

© Lorena Florio / Instagram


Brazilian photographer, Arina Vital is never short of ideas when it comes to staging herself. In colour or in black and white, the author shoots analog to explore the notions of body and identity through a series of self-portraits that are as touching as they are imaginative.

© Arina Vital / Instagram


“Fragments and memories of an unfinished world,” writes @mantsourana_ to introduce her work, on her Instagram account. By masking faces or incorporating collage, the photographer has fun transforming her images to create a surrealist universe, inhabited by dreams and mystery.

© mantzourana_ / Instagram


Immense playground and fantastic scenery, the Pyrenees populate the images of the French photographer Ugo Dassy. During long escapades with friends, in the middle of these imposing mountains, he captures landscapes and portraits over the clouds. A feeling of lightness and a breath of freedom prevails on this Instagram account.

© Ugo Dassy / Instagram

Cover picture: © Ugo Dassy / Instagram