In bright colours or in black and white, the images of this Instagram selection #269 question our relationship to the world. From our contact with others, to our perception of familiar places, the photographers highlight the illusion of this proximity.


Based in Toulouse, the photographer Juliette Séguin exhibits her “research notebook” on her Instagram account. Portraits and photographic experiments alternate during her numerous escapades in the countryside. The opportunity for her to reflect upon our relationship with others… For our greatest pleasure.

© Juliette Seguin / Instagram


“Film photography & poetry” can be read on Jade’s Instagram account, aka @la.melancolique. Known for her use of film, the young photographer delivers a sensitive portrayal of man in front of his environment. Spectator of a landscape much greater than himself, he struggles to find his place.

© la.melancolique / Instagram


Unreal places and lonely characters… Connor Brogan’s images question man and his environment. Tinged with red and blue, and marked by the grain of film, each of the artist’s photographs establishes a moment of reflection that is both imaginative and touching.

© Connor Brogan / Instagram


As a photographer for a dance company, Julie De Sousa studies the body and reveals a series of images that highlight the gentleness of human touch. On stage or in the intimacy of a bed, she captures slow and graceful movements, where the proximity of the skin is felt.

© Julie De Sousa / Instagram

We don’t know much about the Japanese photographer behind the alias, apart from the beautiful images she showcases on her Instagram account. She puts a light veil on her delicate and dreamlike portraits to create a distance with the viewer. Straight out of a dream, these moments slip through our fingers and reveal the illusion of our proximity.

© / Instagram

Cover picture: © / Instagram