Seaside getaways, strolls in foreign cities, or introspective journeys… The photographers in this Instagram selection #268 strive to capture their terrestrial and intimate wanderings.


From Japan to Germany, Matthias Freissler photographs wondrous architecture, reminiscent of science-fiction scenes. Pastel and minimalist, his shots reveal the peaceful and deserted spaces that hide in the whirlpool of the great cities.

© Matthias Freissler / Instagram


Although @suegencoglu shares many self-portraits on her Instagram gallery, we do not know much about the artist. By hiding her face and staging her own body, the young photographer delivers a series of touching and always elusive portraits.

© suegencoglu / Instagram


Caner Askin’s favourite subject to photograph? The sea! Just like moments captured from a film, the photographer creates his scenes at the water’s edge. Characters looking at the horizon, an abandoned table and chairs, or a single fisherman… Caner Askin tells us soft stories about the ocean.

© Caner Askin / Instagram


We know nothing about the photographer Valeriya Haravets, so we discover her through her images. Influenced by the world of fashion, the artist creates theatrical portraits bathed in warm colours. A plunge into a cinematographic universe.

© Valeriya Haravets / Instagram


As a student in Berlin, the Faroese born photographer incorporates the intensity of her native landscapes into her images. The wind blows vigorously and the waves crash powerfully to create dramatic scenes. An Instagram account that will appeal to the passionate ones.

© Lydia Hansen / Instagram

Cover picture: © Caner Askin / Instagram