The blinding light of the flash, the grain of analog, delicate portraits and elegant landscapes… The photographers in our Instagram selection #267 will stop at nothing to inspire us!


Often working with a flash, Jo Kalinowski captures her subjects by surprise. The result? Raw portraits in vibrant colors. Living in Australia, she seizes daily objects, animated or not, to create the different characters of her world.

© Jo Kalinowski / Instagram

“I like to use photography to capture life”, writes Cindy Wang in the introduction of her Instagram account. Specialized in street photography, the photographer has an eye for the fun and poetic details of daily life. A gallery of ephemeral and touching moments.

© Cindy Wang / Instagram


Fashion photographer Shetty Karthik delivers a series of sensual portraits on her Instagram account. His graceful pictures, tinged with autumnal colors soothe us with their softness. Always pensive, his models convey tenderness and melancholy.

© Shetty Karthik / Instagram


“Every picture taken and handcrafted by @herr_moser” can be read on this Instagram account. Like a craftsman, he creates minimalist compositions by playing with the articulation of different lines. He confronts the irregular features of organic elements with the straight lines of artificial structures to challenge the observer.

© herr_moser / Instagram


Passionate about analog photography, Philip Margalias unveils a curious collection of portraits and everyday scenes on his Instagram account. Favouring a palette of pastel tones, the photographer transforms the most ordinary moments into film scenes. A gallery fit for the dreamers!

© Philip Margalias / Instagram

Cover picture: © Jo Kalinowski / Instagram