In this weekly feature, you’ll find: armed children, refined fashion, urban poetry, but – more than anything else – life! Here’s our Instagram selection #233.


To Giorgia Bellotti – a photographer based in Bologna, Italy – forests, fields and flowers are all elements inviting us to explore our subconscious. Each of her images links us harmoniously to our environment.

© Giorgia Bellotti / Instagram


Jaimy Gail’s characters can’t help but catch your eye. This Dutch photographer turned to the medium to document current topics. Among them: veiled women, gun permit, or even sexuality. This account won’t live you indifferent.

© Jaimy Gail / Instagram


Eileen Jordan’s inspiration? “Fashion’s beauty, people’s versatility, and the breathtaking nature around us”, she says. The work of this Munich-based artist is considerably tender. A light and sensual sphere.

© Eileen Jordan / Instagram


Josh Wang’s film photos capture sweet peregrinations. Between Kansas City – where he is based – and South Korea – where he is from – the visual journey never ceases. A wordless secret notebook.

© Josh Wang / Instagram


Gabrielle Riouah is a Paris-based photographer. Her account proposes a time travel to the 1970s. This artist’s skills are clear. A collection of refined and highly sophisticated images.

© Gabrielle Riouah / Instagram


A dog’s shadow resembling a big bad wolf’s, a pigeon drinking or even an alarming silhouette… Eric Kogan poetises our surroundings. In his biography, the artist defines himself as a clouds’ couturier. But he is much more than that: a life couturier.

© Eric Kogan / Instagram


“Capturing life like they were Pokemons”, such is Mat – a mysterious Instagrammer – ‘s code of conduct. His favourite topics? Colours and strange situations. A discovery that will inspired street photographers!

© mhebbada / Instagram

Cover picture: © Eric Kogan / Instagram