In this Instagram selection, Fisheye guides you through strange cities, near corners of streets and foggy nights. Those nights inviting sensuality. Unless you would rather look up to the stars. Let’s stay poetic.


Besides his love for flowers and soft lights, we do not know anything about the artist hiding behind the pseudonym of @rezigvritishvili. They present, on their Instagram gallery, a poetic and oh so inspiring universe.

© rezigvritishvili / Instagram


Mankind is at the heart of Matt Klly, aka _emkae_’s creations. Fascinated by feminine portraits, he places his models in strange positions, questioning the notions of sensuality and femininity. A poetic and charming account.

© Matt Kelly / Instagram


We do not know much about Nan Curtis. The artist from Chile creates, through superposition, images she defines as mental constructions. Identifiable forms distorting reality.

© Nan Curtis / Instagram


Maxime Fossat is a photojournalist travelling the world to capture its incoherence. Working conditions in Madagascar, corruption in Kirghizstan, and gilets jaunes demonstrations à Toulouse, nothing escapes him… not even La Bohème, and electro artist!

© Maxime Fossat / Instagram


Tyler Dawson has many tricks up his sleeve. Photographer, actor, producer, he was one of the main characters of the film Bellflower. It is no wonder one may find on his Instagram the atmosphere of this movies acclaimed by critics.

© Tyler Dawson / Instagram

@j s c e l a

“To look life in the face – always”, write the Instagram @cela65. Specialising in street photography, this artist captures the spontaneity and energy of the New York streets. Mastering colour and black and white photography, he celebrates and sublimates the diversity of the American city.

© j s c e l a / Instagram


In Danny Rowton’s images, light shapes spaces and city nights. He plays with the viewer’s imagination, inviting him to rethink his daily environment. From the obscurity emerges a strange light, coming from a science-fiction story.

© Danny Rowton / Instagram

Cover picture © Danny Rowton / Instagram