Street or fashion photography, artistic experiments…. The photographers of this 188th Instagram selection will inspire you!


Jesse Pafundi sees his photos as “postcards on film”. The photographer fills his Instagram gallery with minimalist landscapes in delicate colours. A light patchwork reminding us of the peacefulness of holidays.

© Jesse Pafundi / Instagram


Though Stefan is based in Bavaria, he travels a lot. This is reflected in his Instagram account. Between his snow-covered landscapes in Germany and his warm encounters in India, he takes to the road, and so do we.

© Stefan / Instagram


Paris-based fashion photographer, Edgar Berg makes superb portraits. By playing with materials, accessories and compositions, he builds poetic and surrealist works.

© Edgar Berg / Instagram


Hal is a British photographer and writer. Delicate plays of light, urban fragments and surprising reflections compose an inspiring gallery.

© hal_haines / Instagram


A mysterious atmosphere emerges from the Instagram @marencelest account. This Instagrammer experiments with the photographic medium, and captures fantastic landscapes and abstract portraits. An artistic and bewitching gallery.

© marencelest / Instagram


Spanish photographer Damián Rubiales practices street-photo in color as well as in black and white. An inspiring account for those who like to wander.

© damian_rubiales / Insatgram


Lukasz Waszak is a Polish photographer travelling around the world with his camera. His spontaneous shots taken all over the world capture the ephemeral beauty of the street.

© Lukasz Waszak / Instagram

Cover picture © Jesse Pafundi / Instagram