Tuesdays are Instagram days on Fisheye. Discover our new best of, with the Instagram selection #184. Seven accounts to find inspiration!


Browsing Arthur Parizot’s Instagram gallery is like devouring a travel journal. With his colourful and soothing landscapes, he takes us on a journey from France to the United States, Argentina, Peru and Chile. A globetrotter photographer to follow closely.

© Arthur Parizot / Instagram


Saskia Wilson photographs the world with elegance. Whether she captures female bodies, natural landscapes, or the atmosphere of a mysterious house, the artist sublimates her environment with a halo of warm light. A refined Instagram account.

© Saskia Wilson / Instagram


California-based art director and photographer Brent Waterworth, alias burrent, likes to capture the strangeness of the ordinary. His portraits as well as his landscapes question the viewer: is it reality, or rather a dreamlike staging?

© burrent / Instagram


With her nickname, Emma sets the tone. This photographer living in New York makes beautiful portraits and plays with light. Delicate and refined scenes compose a gallery that inspires calm and voluptuousness.

© emmapure_ / Instagram


“Capturing the human element through philosophy and photography”. Such is the intention of Joshua Sim, a photographer based in Melbourne who mainly practices portraiture. Fascinated by the human body, he does not hesitate to experiment during his shootings.

© Joshua Sim / Instagram


Daniel Valledor, a young photographer based in Madrid, is looking for “people who have an aura of charisma around them, exuding magic”. His photographs are the very definition of the decisive moment.

© Daniel Valledor / Instagram


Here is a photographer fascinated by deserts and mysterious spaces. Kohl Donnelly enhances abandoned gas stations, as well as enclosed shopping malls. Illuminated by coloured neon lights, his photographs inspire many stories.

© Kohl Donnelly / Instagram

Cover picture © Joshua Sim / Instagram