Discover our seven favourite Instagram accounts of the week, and find inspiration: @manolobrown, @matteogardosi, @soloxsoot, @ruthnijebijvank, @meekerrr, @grathmcjackmcgrath and @nyc_macroscopist.


For Manuel Pena, urban space is a playground. Based in New York, the photographer captures the bustle of the streets and the poetry of everyday life. His compositions and colour schemes add a touch of humour to his photographic diary.

© Manuel Pena / Instagram


Matteo is a photographer based in Bologna, Italy. By photographing in analog, the young artist creates a soft melancholy on his Instagram gallery.

© Matteo / Instagram


Here is a photographer who is passionate about cars and architecture. The Instagramer soloxsoot explores the peaceful streets of the suburbs in search of hidden treasures. During the day, the houses evoke the mythical American suburbs; at night they reveal a different, more mysterious universe.

© soloxsoot / Instagram


Ruth Nije Bijvank is a Dutch photographer and video maker. She shares a gallery of analog images captured with her 35mm camera or with her Super 8 camera. Tinged with nostalgia, her photographs are inhabited by a unique presence.

© Ruth Nije Bijvank / Instagram


Full of lights, Kenzie Meeker’s images open up new horizons. The photographer from northwestern Arkansas presents her colourful vision of the world.

© Kenzie Meeker / Instagram


Who is the author of these nocturnal and enigmatic pictures? Jack McGrath, a New York-based photographer. Mysterious silhouettes, depopulated scenes: with the light of dusk and flash, this photographer builds his captivating universe.

© Jack McGrath / Instagram


The owner of this account goes through New York – his favourite city – with a fine comb. Dark and grainy, the images gathered on his Instagram provide a glimpse of the city that never sleeps.

© M. Vida Ilych / Instagram

Cover picture © Matteo / Instagram