Minimalism, mysterious landscapes and poetic portraits. Find inspiration with our Instagram selection #179!


Looking at Rony Hernandes’ images, one theme stands out: the relationship to the body. This photographer from São Paulo captures his models with sensuality. Sublimated by warm tones and original compositions, they seem to confide to the artist. A beautiful discovery.

© Rony Hernandes / Instagram


Behind the pseudonym @pastremi hides Remi Ferrante, a French photographer based in Los Angeles. His colourful images depict a quirky vision of life. An account dedicated to photography and pop.

© Remi Ferrante / Instagram


We know little about the artist who hides under the pseudonym of @brandonlavender, so let us focus on his images… Minimalism and other refined compositions, @brandonlavender knows how to get to the heart of the matter and reflect the poetry of everyday life.

© brandonlavender / Instagram


Greg Baldini takes us in an analog universe. “Interested in the beauty of banality and everyday life”, this photographer based in Lausanne, Switzerland, shares delicate and poetic images. Surrounded by a halo of nostalgia, they bring out the magic of everyday life.

© Greg Baldini / Instagram

Welcome to the world of This mysterious Korean photographer specialises in portraiture. Sometimes smooth and dreamy, sometimes raw and poetic, his photographs can be read as the beginning of stories that we cannot help devouring.

© / Instagram


Markus Weaver, a photographer based in Portland, Oregon, unveils a dark and cinematic gallery on his Instagram. In the darkness, the details of the images are highlighted by blue and red tones. Cars, houses or empty swimming pools are adorned with a mysterious halo.

© Markus Weaver / Instagram


We harldu know anything about Fikri Amanda Abubakar, the photographer behind this gallery. Between reality and fantasy, his images reveal minimal scenes, immersed in plays of light. Architecture, street scenes or landscapes: @fishide_ presents a singular and chimeric world.

© Fikri Amanda Abubakar / Instagram