Tuesdays are Instagram selection days. @alxvisual, @fredreynh, @spicy.meatball… discover our favourite of the week to find inspiration.


Mitchell Fresta is an Australian photographer based in Brisbane. A halo of tranquility emerges from these singular and refined photos. His gallery is filled with scenes in pastel colours taken during his travels.

© Mitchell Fresta / Instagram


Ali BoombaYě is a street photographer based in California. Whether he shoots unusual situations or intense encounters, the artist is always in the right place, at the right time. He presents on his account delicious colourful life scenes.

© Ali BoombaYě / Instagram


Welcome to Marcin Ryczek’s universe. Partial to black and white , the photographer has an eye for composition. His minimalist and delicate images sublimate nature and architectural landscapes.

© Marcin Ryczek / Instagram


Josh, based in London and owner of the Instagram spicy.meatball account, specialises in street photography. His gallery takes us to the busy avenues of big cities. A world filled with brightly coloured spots: from a vintage coat to a colourful building.

© spicy.meatball / Instagram


Here is a recent Instagram account dedicated to light reflections. Its owner? The Italian Federica Rinaldi, a director of photography on film sets.

© Federico Rinaldi / Instagram


Another account where light is at the heart of the creative process. Mirana is a photographer who likes to play with reflections and shadows. She exhibits, on her gallery, beautiful pictures between dream and painting.

© Mirana / Instagram


Alex Fernández is a director and photographer based in Madrid. On his Instagram account, he reveals a dark and poetic universe. Illuminated by faint night lights, his subjects remain rather mysterious.

© alxvisual / Instagram

Cover picture © Mirana / Instagram