Pastel tones, soft light beams… The 172nd Instagram selection will help you find your inspiration. Amongst the photographer, are @brianscottolds, @laurasistero or @tk.somewhere.


Scrolling traveller Janno Verharen’s account will make you discover beautiful cities. Tainted with delicate pastel tones, the Dutch photographer’s gallery will inspire travel’s lovers.

© Janno Verharen / Instagram


Brian Olds is an American photographer, from California. “I like creating images that are real and captivating to the view, but also timeless”, he writes on his website. His Instagram account gathers several intriguing stories.

© Brian Olds / Instagram


Apart from his attraction to light, we hardly know anything about the owner of this Instagram. His images are devoid of any human tracks, and let us see a faded, half-awake world.

© suffer_rosa / Instagram


Welcome to Jesse Salto’s universe, a gallery of mystical and captivating portraits. Although the photographer specialises in fashion, he also captures a few stolen moments, lit by the moonlight.

© Jesse Salto / Instagram


Laura Sisteró is a photographer and film director based in Barcelona. Her stripped-down photographs manage to create a certain tension. Intense lights and powerful movements form a rather cinematic gallery.

© Laura Sisteró / Instagram


From Korea, the mysterious TK presents, on his Instagram, a unique mood board. Spectral buildings and deserted landscapes fill the artist’s gallery and from a poetic and warm-toned collection.

© tk.somewhere / Instagram


Based in New York, Jeremy Perez-Cruz aka sleepingplanes specialises in street photography. His pictures capture the poetry of nocturnal life in the Big Apple, from the streets’ neons to the intimate moments, spied through the lit windows.

© Jeremy Perez-Cruz / Instagram

Cover picture © Jesse Salto / Instagram