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@shandranick and @ssuicul: discover the seven inspirational Instagram accounts that we picked for you this week.


Minimalism and street photography adepts, this account is for you! Little do we know about the owner of this profile, but he/she has proven to be a minimalist adept too, and these images are the result.

ingo/ Instagram


Based in Japan, photographer Hideyuki Takadashi presents dreamy landscapes in his account. From urban Tokyo buildings to magical nature scenes, his photographs are tinged with nostalgia.

© Hideyuki Takahashi / Instagram


Born in Kaboul, Mehran Djojan is today based in Berlin. This young artist is not only a design and communication student, he is also the author of these surrealist photographs. Full of good vibes and some mystery, his images will make you dream.

© Mehran Djojan / Insatgram


Gosha Pavlenko is a fashion photographer from Russia, currently living in Milan. Mainly a portraitist, he shoots his models in unusual settings, evoking the paintings of great painters.

© Gosha Pavlenko / Instagram


“Cloaked in the mystique of late nights”, that’s how Michelle Watt, photographer based in Hong Kong, describes herself. Whether she shoots models or landscapes, the artist distils a certain onirism in her creations.

© Michelle Watt / Instgram


Nick Shandra has an eye for it. Whether in unusual situations or poetic moments, this photographer immortalizes his surroundings – the streets as well as nature – with elegance. Wherever he goes, he knows how to spot what needs to be photographed.

© Nick Shandra / Instagram


The watchword of this mysterious Instagrammer? “Create to survive”. She uses photography and video to blur the clues and deliver a singular and sensitive world.

© ssuicul / Instagram