Discover this week Instagram‘s picks, a selection that will inspire you: @alessioalbi, @jpsaner, @niravphotography, @davidurbanke, @aliveisthecity, @claudiofleitas, @jasminedeporta.


Alessio Albi is a talented Italian portraitist. You’ll find intense and colorful compositions in his profile. An account that strongly inspired us.

© Alessio Albi / Instagram


Based in New York, Jake Saner is a film director first and foremost. His Instagram gallery reveals his passion for travel. Among his photographs, we find wild animals and poetic portraits.

© Jake Saner / Instagram


« I’m lured by peaceful moments », writes Nirav Patel on his website. His account is a series of sublime portraits, bathed in a natural and delicate light.

© Nirav Patel / Instagram


In his Brooklyn studio, David Burbanke produces fashion fine art inspired portraits. Among his fashion images, you will find intimate photographs taken under the sunset light.

© David Urbanke / Instagram


Jonathan Higbee is an American photographer specialising in street photography. Through unusual scenes and perfect lines, this artist makes us wander through the streets of the Big Apple.

© Jonathan Higbee / Instagram


Urban life snippets, spontaneous portraits and funny objects… with his photographs, Claudio Fleitas creates an outlandish visual stroll.

© Claudio Fleitas / Instagram


Jasmine Deporta shares small pieces of her life on her account. A gallery made of analog photographs, where bodies are in fusion with flowers and nature.

© Jasmine Deporta / Instagram