On Fisheye’s website, Tuesdays are Instagram selection days. Discover this week’s gems and stay inspired!


Here is Georges Antoni, a fashion photographer who likes to deconstruct pictures. Her images, unique and impeccably framed, will inspire you.

© Georges Antoni / Instagram


Welcome to the poetic universe of Sofie Sund, a freelance photographe currently based in Trondheim, Norway. The artist produces delicate staged scenes, playing with shadows and reflection.

© Sofie Sund / Instagram


Alexandre Delamadeleine is a French photographer who captures nature. His gallery is filled with delicate images reflecting everyday moments and travel memories.

© Alexandre Delamadeleine / Instagram


We hardly know anything about Fukuzo, except that he lives in Osaka and that he is the owner of a café/gallery. His pictures from Japan take us into a poetic and intimate world, lit by the soft light of rainy days.

© Fukuzo Instagram


Born in New York, Matt Baron travels around the world to quench his thirst for creativity, from Morocco to New Zealand, to Italy. His graphic and mysterious pictures immerse us into a thrilling universe.

© Matt Baron / Instagram


Here is an Instagram account filled with poetry. Theadventuresofastrangesoul’s gallery makes up a unique universe, coloured with deep blues and reds. When this mysterious photographer doesn’t capture the starry sky, he shoots buildings facades and lit windows, tempting us to invent thousands of stories.

© Theadventuresofastrangesoul / Instagram


Behind the pseudonym of alltomorrowparties hides Alan Díaz, a photographer living and working in Barcelona. His images form a nice travel notebook inviting us on a trip with him.

© Alan Díaz / Instagram