Tuesday is Instagram selection day. Discover our seven favourites accounts of the week, and stay inspired!


Lorente Cervantes is a photographer who captures tourists and the architecture of spa towns, in the region of Murcia, Spain. His subjects? Resident who came there to relax. A mix of pastel tone colours this dull and unique landscape.

© Lorente Cervantes / Instagram


“The childlike curiosity and approach to life is probably the only thing I wish to take seriously” Yo Vo explains on his website. The mysterious Instagramer displays, on his account, creations blending humour, femininity and poetry together. A colourful gallery.

© Yo Vo / Instagram


Here is another photographer whose identity remains secret. Chogeiseok specialises in portraits. Flowers, masks, make up and settings sublime his models and invite us to reflect on the importance of appearance and on our identity.

© chogiseok / Instagram


Laurent Castellani likes to photograph in darkness. The French usually places his models in urban settings: mysterious women who seem to guide us towards wonderful adventures.

© Laurent Castellani / Instagram


The owner of this account seems to be obsessed with metro commutes and the rosy Korean landscapes of Seoul. Among the lifestyle images, we discover fanciful landscapes. A nice way to travel.

© and.olphin / Instagram


Victor Bensusi, Cádiz based photographer produces minimal, light and nostalgic images. Here is a stripped down and delicate gallery whose pictures will take you to the seaside.

© Víctor Bensusi / Instagram


Here is an Instagram filled with melancholy. Cris likes to play with shadows and silhouettes. A beautiful notebook blurring the borders between dream and reality.

© la_melancolia / Instagram