Looking for some inspiration? Discover the Instagram accounts that we have picked this week for our Instagram selection #163. Among our favourite accounts, you’ll find delicious portraits and dreamy landscapes.


We hardly know anything about the author behind this account, but we know that he likes to play with perception. These disconcerting pictures make us wonder… Are we living in an absurd world ?

© castlesystems / Instagram


Sergey Bratishchev shoots the amazing landscapes that he shares on his Instagram account with his iPhone X. A beautiful gallery that will catch the eyes of every travel-lovers.

© Sergey Bratishchev / Instagram


Another mysterious Instagramer who invites us to wander and wonder. The author, who seems to live in Morocco, shares his portraits and his particular point of vue. Don’t miss this account!

© tamyur / Instagram


Although Lydia Hansen is currently based in Berlin, she grew up in the Féroé Islands, surrounded by nature. This has clearly influenced her vision, seeking natural beauty in her portraits and fashion photography.

© Lydia Hansen / Instagram


Jussi Ulkuniemi is not only a photographer, but also a dancer. This passion has led him to photograph the body and nature with a particularly graceful vision. Some soothing and mild pictures to inspire you.

© Jussi Ulkuniemi / Instagram


Shane Labelle is a photographer, a writer, a director. He creates an imaginary world in every picture, erasing the line between dreams and reality.

© Shane Labelle / Instagram


Victor Chen likes to play with lights and lines. His Instagram profile is a delicate composition, a visual path in a poetic urban story.

© Victor Chen / Instagram