Colourful settings and celestial trips… Find inspiration with our 162nd Instagram selection. Don’t miss out on our seven accounts dedicated to photography!


Vanessa travels between Portugal and Spain. Fashion shoots or staged photos? One thing we know is that she likes to play with bodies and to act in front of her camera… If you look a bit closer, you’ll notice her fondness for selfies.

© Vanessa Rosa / Instagram


Abhjeet Gupta, 22, lives in India. On his Instagram account, he presents poetic images, suspended between sky and earth. A timeless and soothing celestial trip.

© Abhijeet Gupta / Instagram


Here’s a photographer who blends travels and minimalism together. Matteo Curci has en eye for capturing lines and geometrical figures. More often than not, he also adds funny comments alongside his pictures. A nice discovery.

© Matteo Curci / Instagram


And there’s a photographer who loves travelling. Laura Austin’s Instagram gallery can be read like a travel journal, filled with breathtaking landscapes and images illustrating the everyday life of a globetrotter. An account that will take you on amazing journeys.

© Laura Austin / Instagram


Italian photographer Martina Bertacchi specialises in portraits. Delicate, her pictures seem to tell us stories: the love of two sisters, the need to travel, or even a thirst for freedom… each of her models captivate us.

© Martina Bertacchi / Instagram


Jac, a photographer and film director based in New York displays on her Instagram a universe both urban and intimate. Her poetic pictures reveal the emotion of a gaze, or bodies entwined. An unusual depiction of the American city.

© justjac / Instagram


Another Instagramer/director. Mysterious atmosphere, dimmed lights… Jake’s images build a lot of suspens. An account for nocturnal wanderers.

© Jake Keene / Instagram