Discover the seven Instagram accounts dedicated to photography that have caught our eye this week. An inspiring 161st selection.


We like Jamie’s Instagram account for his intriguing and disturbing pictures. This English photographer plays with images’ codes as well as society’s and will tackle any subjects. Inspiration guaranteed.

© Jamie Noise / Instagram


Sean Mundy lives and works the cultural capital of Montreal. Working on both installations and photographs,  his Instagram showcases nice productions where bodies and colours go together beautifully.

© Sean Mundy / Insatgram


Here’s an account dedicated to travel and minimalism. As we can see there, Italian photographer Zeno Gorini likes to explore. Through his images posted on Instagram, he takes us to Switzerland, Denmark, or even Norway. A pleasant and visual road trip.

© Zeno Gorini / Instagram


Oveay is a mysterious photographer from Ukraine. Specialising in portrait, he chooses his models carefully. Sometimes vulnerable, sometimes strange, the men and women of his pictures will fascinate you.

© Oveay / Instagram


“I’m always searching for interesting light, cinematic sceneries or people that inspire me”, Tarek Mawad writes on his website. This German artist and photographer has all the tools in his pockets for a perfect Instagram gallery.

© Tarek Mawad / Instagram


Street photographer based in New York, Eric Van Nynatten travels nonstop to capture urban landscapes from all around the world. From Tokyo to Rio de Janeiro, from Lisbon to Havana, Eric photographs pictorial street sceneries.

© Eric Van Nynatten / Instagram


Another Italian photographer who loves adventures. Gabriele Palmato photographs his van, but he also captures the idyllic landscapes he finds on the road. A fascinating account for the photographers/explorers.

© Gabriele Palmato / Instagram

Cover picture © Gabriele Palmato / Instagram