Needing inspiration? Discover our selection of the best Instagram accounts dedicated to photography, with our 160th selection, an edition filled with elegance and mystery.


Craig Robbins presents, on his Instagram account, his landscape collection. In his gallery, we discover wild and breathtaking panoramas, as well as pictures of swimming pools. A pastel world you must enter.

© Craig Robbins / Instagram


Here is a Berlin based photographer. Ezgi Polat reveals herself with elegance. Whether she photographs models or her own reflexion, the artist plays with the notion of intimacy. Beneath her images, we discover texts dealing with self-acceptance, and self-esteem. A deeply sensible account.

© Ezgi Polat / Instagram


We hardly know anything about Eduardo. This photographer displays, on his account, as universe as mysterious as fascinating. Immersed into darkness, the scenes he captures plunge us into a dreamy universe. But we must warn you, it may be hard to escape.

© eduardooropeza / Instagram


From Berlin, the photographer Ole Westermann travels around the world. From urban centers to wild landscapes, he captures all his journeys. His Instagram account can be read as a travel notebook, both poetic and exotic.

© Ole Westermann / Instagram


“Doing the night thing”, this pun, written by Ragnar Gulin, sets the tone. When scrolling through his Instagram gallery, celestial images follow one another. Dusk or dawn, one thing we know for sure is that those pictures will inspire you!

©  Ragnar Gulin / Instagram


Trained as a graphic designer, Laurent J. Chanez turned to cinema. Today, he has become a director travelling in Europe and the United States. On his Instagram account, he displays a dimmed and mysterious universe with blurred boundaries… Is it fiction or reality?

© Laurent J. Chanez / Instagram


Joshua K. Jackson is a London based photographer specialising in street and documentary photography. “I illustrate the vibrancy of life in Central London whilst also exploring themes of diversity and disparity”, he explains on his website. Here is a very (very) good lesson of street photography.

© Joshua K. Jackson / Instagram