Poetry, street photography and minimalism… our favourite Instagram accounts of the week will inspire you! Here is our 159th selection.


Besides being a stylist, Ayalet Tamari, based in Israel, is also a fashion photographer. On her Instagram, she displays her latest photoshoots. Among them, we discovered beautiful portraits.

© Ayelet Tamari / Instagram


Tenderness and poetry seem to emanate from this Instagram, whose owner is Greek photographer Fay Papanastasiou. Muted spaces, dimmed lights… hers is the perfect universe to question personal relationships.

© Fay Papanastasiou / Instagram


Michele Iacobini is an Italian photographer based in Dublin. He presents, on his Instagram account, an intimate and colourful universe. Partial to film photography, he captures silent landscapes and charismatic models with originality.

© Michele Iacobini / Instagram


Here is an account dedicated to architecture. Pierre-Châtel-Innocenti is fascinated by futuristic constructions from all around the globe. By scrolling down his account, we discover surreal buildings, touching the clouds. A minimal and fascinating universe.

© Pierre Châtel-Innocenti / Instagram


From Argentina, Matias Alonso Revelli spends his time with his head in the clouds. Pictures of glowing red sunsets colour his Instagram and sublime the few delicate portraits which appear by their sides.

© Matias Alonso Revelli / Instagram


Jorge Delgado-Ureña is a globetrotter street photographer, and his Instagram is a useful tool to follow him on his adventures. When he is not in Spain, he explores Cuba or Morocco. He reveals, in some pictures, stories and technical tips. Here is an account to remember.

 © Jorge Delgado-Ureña / Instagram


Sergio Texeira likes to tell stories, especially urban stories. Originally from Spain, he now lives and works in London, the ideal place for a street photographer. His control of light and composition will inspire you.

© Sergio Texeira / Instagram