Are you in need of inspiration? Find out which Instagram accounts have caught our eye this week.


We hardly know anything about Lukas, the owner of this account. We suppose he must be a traveller, and lover of open spaces, all the more reasons to like him! Here is a beautiful discovery, which will inspire the photographers/globetrotters

© Lukas / Instagram


Ulf Leide, a photographer based in Malmö, in the south of Sweden, presents an intimate universe on his Instagram. In a muted atmosphere, portraits and silent landscapes blend together to immerse us into a story tainted with nostalgia.

© Ulf Leide / Instagram


Magdalena is a street photographer based in Wroclaw, Poland. Her sources of inspiration include the emotions and inner beauty of each of her models. “I believe that photography’s most precious gift is to capture a moment, to capture a thousand words in the blink of an eye. Because one picture does not need to be understood through words”, she explains on her website.

© Magdalena Orylska / Instagram


David Everly is a designer and photographer based in New York. The big apple is at the center of his Instagram account. There we find busy streets, colourful neon lights, and fascinating people. In the city’s restlessness, David captures poetic and compelling portraits.

© David Everly / Instagram


Through her images, Julia Swain, a cinematographer based in Los Angeles, seeks to represent the human experience. Whether taken during shooting sessions, or private photoshoots, her pictures are always lit by softened lights.

© Julia Swain / Instagram


As a cinematographer, San Bandenbroucke is always careful to capture cinematic and beautiful images. Dramatic light, mysterious characters, and dark landscapes, by scrolling down his Instagram, we can’t help imagining dozens of scenarios…

© Sander Vandenbroucke / Instagram


Here is an account to follow closely. Tristan, aka mediogram, strides down the streets of Lyon, France, looking for captivating scenes. True magician, he presents here contrasted and fascinating images, and plays with shadows and lights to sublime or erase details.

© mediogram / Instagram

Cover picture © Magdalena Orylska / Instagram