Are you in need of inspiration? Find out which Instagram accounts have caught our eye this week.


Olga Petroff is a designer and a photographer based in Dubai. Partial to minimalism, she travels around the world looking for great spaces, and captures surreal looking landscapes. A rather exotic account.

© Olga Petroff / Instagram


On her Instagram account, Frankfurt based photographer Evelyn Dragan presents a dreamy universe, where urban landscapes meet elegant portraits. Whether she captures her travels or her daily life, Evelyn uses shadow and light to sublime each detail.

© Evelyn Dragan / Instagram


“Passionate”, this is how Tanguy Dlvt defines himself on his Instagram account. This French photographer specialises in the art of portrait. His models pose with confidence and reveal their personalities – mischievous, pensive, or playful.

© Tanguy Dlvt / Instagram


Director and photographer, Dan Sully owns a rich Instagram gallery. Whether he focuses on the details of a car, a stranger on a street, or the symmetry of a building, Dan an an eye for revealing the extraordinary in daily life.

© Dan Sully / Instagram


Though Drew Hopper comes from Australia, his passion for photography pushes him to explore foreign and unknown lands. On his Instagram account, street photographs reveal the complexity and beauty of the countries he discovers.

© Drew Hopper / Instagram


“Don’t take life too seriously”, writes Alex Frehmann on his Instagram account. Here is a photographer who knows how to have fun with a camera. Dark and mysterious, his images seem to come from canvas. An account to watch closely.

© Alex Fruehmann / Instagram


Montreal based Jean-Sébastien Basque is a sucker for street photography. His Instagram gallery is filled with contrasted pictures, revealing silhouettes in the dark streets of cities. A captivating collection.

© Jean-Sébastien Basque / Instagram