Are you in need of inspiration? Find out which Instagram accounts have caught our eye this week.


Mark Loper, a photographer and film director based in New England, loves getting lost in nature. His images – peaceful and desert landscapes – capture the beauty of our environment. Paying extra attention to light, the photographer creates canvas out of his pictures.

© Mark Loper / Instagram


Thomas Havlik describes himself as a “in love with cinematic photography”. Whether he captures people of landscapes, the photographer wants to sublime the poetry of each instant. The warm tones of his pictures remind us of summer nights.

© Thomashavlik / Instagram


Welcome to the delicate universe of Irene Cruz. This Berlin based photographer presents, on her Instagram, a feminine and mysterious world. The naked bodies of her models get immersed in water or lay down in silent forests. A series of soothing images.

© Irene Cruz / Instagram


Italian photographer Tiziano Russo specialises in videos. The pictures from his Instagram account immerse us into an intimate universe, filled by enigmatic characters and sets. Each image seems to tell a story we can’t wait to hear.

© Tiziano Russo / Instagram


Here is a real Jack-of-all-trades. The talented Sergio Murria masters colours and black and white, street and minimal photography. Always skilfully composed, his images make us rediscover our urban environment.

© Sergio Murria / Instagram


Abdela, aka igmirien presents, on her Instagram account, her feminine and atypical portraits. Her models have fun, captured in their movements, of stilled in a funny grimace. Pictures giving a whole new meaning to the word “femininity”.

© igmirien / Instagram


The vintage photos of Eduardo Pedro are tainted with a sweet nostalgia. The photograph’s different models meet each other in his pictures, and remind us of our teenage friendships. An account taking us back to a more carefree past.

© Eduardo Pedro / Instagram