Are you in need of inspiration? Find out which Instagram accounts have caught our eye this week.


“I have a confession to make, I don’t always find the right words to express myself. And photography has helped me communicate better (…) In a way, photography could be like my secret power”, Jesse explains. As she bypasses parole with image, here is an account where colour and setting find themselves in perfect harmony.

© Jesse Marble / Instagram


Chanel Brillo’s Instagram account can be read like a notebook. Friends or passers-by, she displays there her encounters. We also discovers inspiring and delightful settings.

© Chanel Brillo / Instagram


Giulia Agostini is a photographer working around the notion of romanticism. To do so, she deconstructs – with her feminine models – her relationship with the human body. The result is filled with beautifully lit and poetic pictures.

© Giulia Agostini / Instagram


“I am a traveling photographer and I flipping love my job”, Francesca McConnell writes on her website. Specialising in portraiture and travelling photography, her ultimate goal is to combine both. She displays on her Instagram her fabulous pictures, tempting us to immerse ourselves into foreign cultures.

© Francesca / Instagram


Oliver Takac loves cinema. A passion which shows when looking at his pictures. Dark atmosphere, mastered compositions, he likes imagining and building new sets. Here is a rather mysterious Instagram gallery.

© Oliver Takac / Instagram


Here is an account dedicated to street photography from Barcelona. His author, Andrès, is a talented photographer partial to black and white photography. Geometric and minimal, his images form a sumptuous dialogue between shadow and light.

© Andrés C. / Instagram