Are you in need of inspiration? Find out which Instagram accounts have caught our eye this week.


“Close encounters with desolate places.”  This is how Aaditya defines her photographs. From arid deserts to metropolises, her Instagram account immerses us into a purple coloured universe, tainted with nostalgia.

© Aaditya / Instagram


Otura Mun is a drummer, producer, African-American singer based in Puerto Rico, as well as the founder and director of ÌFÉ, a musical project blending modern and traditional music. The artist also dabbles in photography, and presents some of his best creations on his Instagram gallery.

© Otura Mun / Instagram


“Photography is a complex art, which can either tell a story or record an event”, Jacob Mitchel, a San Fransisco based photographer writes. On his Instagram account, he reveals a colourful and geometrical vision of Uncle Sam’s country.

© thesoggyblanket / Instagram


Another photographer viewing architecture as geometrical creations.When he does not capture buildings, he takes us to the skies. Often minimal, Mr Konstantine’s images remind us of dreamy universes.

© mr_konstantine / Instagram


“I am always intrigued by strong characters in a combination of strong light and deep shadows, trying to isolate my subject in its environment”, Paulus Ponizak – aka iso.null30 – paul** – tells Eyeshot magazine, a publication dedicated to street photography. This talented German photographer loves capturing reflections in public spaces.

© iso.null30 / Instagram


Whether Diego Contreras captures urban or architectural spaces, mystery lingers in his pictures. A musician sitting at the corner of a street, a mysterious being getting out of the water, or even an isolated silhouette on the beach… all of his characters seem to tell stories

© Diego Contreras / Instagram


Street photographer Ryeo Baba presents, on his Instagram account, “a collection of vanishing moments”. Sometimes funny, sometimes poetic, his images illustrate the complexity of the urban jungle.

© Ryeo Baba / Instagram