Are you in need of inspiration? Find out which Instagram accounts have caught our eye this week.


Film director Elliott Fourné presents, on Instagram, a well composed universe. His travel pictures alternate between breathtaking landscapes and poetic stagings. One thing we do know? This account will make you want to discover the world.

© Eliott Fournié / Instagram


Through her minimal images, mysterious Maria unveils a tender and mysterious universe. The women in her pictures hide, and reveal only some parts of their bodies, in sensual and amusing light and shadow effects. An Instagram account where freshness and finesse go in pair.

© merymaglionico / Instagram


As a nature lover, Toulouse based photographer Guillaume R. aka Guiruk captures it from every angle. His pictures take us into a verdurous nature whose colours evoke the warm summer nights.

© Guillaume R / Instagram


“Defence of the environment through art”. Morgane Erpicum sets the tone. Since 2015, the photographer has been partial to film cameras. A type of photography that takes time and forces you to enjoy each moment. Here, Morgane presents vulnerable and silent spaces.

© Morgane Erpicum / Instagram


Jaume Creus is a Canadian photographer specialising in street photography. Whether he shoots with digital of film cameras, the photographer plays with contrasts and captures the cities’ atmospheres in a blending of bright colours.

© Jaume Creus / Instagram


“I have a need to take a step out of the society and observe… taking pictures helps me with that”. Mustafa Öngün explains, on his Instagram account. The street photographer chooses black and white to immortalise wanderers, also in search of meaning.

© Mustafa Öngün / Instagram


Remy chose to leave France to live in Australia. His pictures form a notebook retracing his steps through the country. A jellyfish, an idyllic landscape, a nocturnal vision of Melbourne… Each of his images reveals a story.

© te_rem_in / Instagram