Are you in need of inspiration? Find out which Instagram accounts have caught our eye this week.


Photographer Sonia Davies, living between London and Lisbon, reveals here a peaceful and minimal universe. Her pastel tone pictures feature places that are perfect for summer holidays.

© Sonia Davies / Instagram


Pauline and Mickael have lived in Canada for six years and travel all around the globe. This duo of French photographers post their images on et on their Instagram gallery, composing a travel notebook as well as a collection of memories! There, we discover the snow-capped Mont Fuji, beautiful volcanos from Hawaii and even deserts from Namibia.

© Pauline Barré & Mickael Samama / Instagram


Zak Beauvois, a French photographer, defines himself as a “nomad”. On his Instagram, we can scroll through landscapes from all around the world, often taken under the moonlight. An account inviting us to wander.

© Zak Beauvois / Instagram


Both a photographer and a videographer, this mysterious Instagramer creates singular atmospheres. Whether they wander in calm landscapes or in rooms with softened lights, the models pique our curiosity.

© Zerotwelve / Instagram


Here is a photographer who is a sucker for architecture. Jędrzej Franek keep seeking unique points of view. What’s his style? Light, perspective and always… minimalism.

© Jędrzej Franek / Instagram


Mustafa Hacalaki grew up in Izmir, Turkey. Today, he lives in Montreal, where he works as an illustrator and a graphic designer. The artist has more than one string to his bow. Book design, lithography, creation of web pages, and, of course, photography! A nice Instagram account to visit Montreal.

© Mustafa Hacalaki / Instagram


Street photographer Anthony Consillio has an eye to catch the beauty of everyday life. Carried by chiaroscuros, his pictures reveal treasures hidden among the Hawaii capital: Honolulu.

© Anthony Consillio / Instagram