Are you in need of inspiration? Find out which Instagram accounts have caught our eye this week.


“Do what makes you smile”, Dean Raphael’s mother once said to him. An advice he took very seriously. Today, he can’t stop himself from capturing everything. Travels, weddings… any excuse is good for him to take out his camera.

© Dean Raphael / Instagram


Based in Russia, this Instagram’s author catches our eyes. With her mysterious pictures, she presents a perfect symbiosis between body and nature.

© Эва Милконская / Instagram


From Russia, Alexander Ivanec reveals a singular universe. Besides his tender black and white portraits and his travel pictures, he exhibits, on his account, images of strange cosmonauts, immersed deep into mysterious contemplations.

© Alexander Ivanec / Instagram


Dom Marker has got a keen eye. His Instagram account is filled with surprising photographs of New York – pictures in which each detail is important. In the chaos of the American city, Dom notices a glance, exchanged at a train station, or a shadow, at the corner of a street.

© Dom Marker / Instagram


Athens based photographer Iraklis K Htakat presents here a minimal and graphic universe. Masterfully composed, his images play with colours and silhouettes to paint shadow puppets in the urban spaces.

© Iraklis K Htakat / Instagram


Laurence Von Thomas here displays pictures captured with a 35 mm. A poetic overview of her mostly urban daily life.

© Laurence Von Thomas / Instagram


Poetry and geometry blend together in Mark Fearnley’s account. While his black and white images sublime urban architecture, the models on the pictures evoke loneliness and nostalgie. A fine collection of street photography.

© Mark Fearnley / Instagram