Are you in need of inspiration? Find out which Instagram accounts have caught our eye this week.


Nick Meek invites us on a trip. His pictures represent stretches of white sand under a scorching sun, as well as motels lost in the middle of nowhere. A colourful account tempting us to get away from everything.

© Nick Meek / Instagram


Salva Lopez is a world traveller/photographer from Barcelona. Italy, Morocco, Japan, or even Island… his Instagram gallery reflects his journeys from one side of the world to another. And the pictures he brings back are always unique!

© Salva López / Instagram


Welcome to Maria’s world, as she explores every nook and cranny of Japan. The mysterious photographer plays with models and their environments. By keeping them on the background she enhances their figures. An intriguing account.

© mariavannguyen / Instagram

Ahmed Elraei, aka “of streets and men” here offers a true mingling with the crowd. His account is filled with pictures from a teeming London, whose streets offer photographic treasures.

© Ahmed Elraei / Instagram


Omar Harbi, from Brooklyn, is partial to street photography. Odd figures and fascinating shadows parade on his Instagram account. A colourful and contrasted collection of the streets of the Big Apple.

© Omar Harbi / Instagram


Portuguese photographer Bruno Silva loves black and white pictures. Always beautifully composed, his pictures stage lonely models in minimal and poetic landscapes. An account filled with photographic masterpieces.

© Bruno Silva / Instagram


Capturing disconnection is what animates this Instagram’s creator. “Living at the heart of a big city, I’ve always loved the emptiness of a subway station at night. I sit down, quietly, and listen to the distant sounds (…) focusing on the rare moments of silence”. His images are as poetic as his words.

© KB / Instagram