Are you in need of inspiration? Find out which Instagram accounts have caught our eye this week.


Identity, sensuality… the pictures David Stenbeck publish question as much as they impress. Fascinated by colours and bodies intertwining, this Helsingborg (Sweden) based photographer defines himself as a “spiritual misleader”.

© David Stenbeck / Instagram


Catalin Balasic’s Instagram account is a travel notebook we browse delightfully. His observations of Bucharest are filled with poetry. With him, time stands still and the city reveals itself in all its beauty.

© Catalin Balasic / Instagram


Ian Wallace is an American photographer, based in New York. He specialises in street photography. His urban black and white pictures are delicately graphic and stand out. An account taking us at the heart of the big apple.

© Ian Wallace / Instagram


It is on the West Coast of the United States that Jeremy Paige finds his inspiration. Sunlight, palm trees… the photographer has an eye for noticing lonely silhouettes as well. An Instagram made of unusual scenes.

© Jeremy Paige / Instagram


It is Berlin, its neons and its unique atmosphere which inspire Chris Braun. The photographer goes out, in the dead of night and wanders around the German capital, looking for poetic, yet mysterious images. An account immersing us into a fascinating universe.

© Chris Braun / Instagram


It is hard not to mention his name when we talk about street photography, since he is one of the founders of collective Street Photography International (SPI). Behind the surname furby76 hides Craig Reilly, a London based photographer, capturing wonderful pictures of city-dwellers and imagining “a story of a city and its inhabitants”.

© Craig Reilly / Instagram


Thomas Jordan, aka tamejawdin lives and works in Winfield, Illinois, United States. A region which inspires him and helps him reconcile with his past. His pictures evoke depression and loneliness, feelings he had to face early on. The photos of this talented artist reveal beautiful lights, cast on Chicago and its surroundings.

© Thomas Jordan / Instagram