Are you in need of inspiration? Find out which Instagram accounts have caught our eye this week.


Australian photographer Lulu Pinkus never gets tired of the white sand beaches of her country. Her pictures are full of rosy pale tones and remind us of a summer spent by the seaside. A sunny account.

© Lulu Pinkus / Instagram


Samuel Siu is based in Hong Kong, China. His pictures are works of urban poetry. Tender moments and pastel tones follow, one after the other and confirm that nothing is inimitable. A sweet walk at the heart of the Oriental Pearl.

© Samuel Siu / Instagram


Quentin Shih’s Instagram account takes us on a journey between fiction and reality. Alternating between dramatical scenes and personal narratives, his pictures remind us of the cinema sets he frequents so often, as a film director and cameraman.

© Quentin Shih / Instagram


At only 21, Sean Louw has mastered the art of street photography. His Instagram account is filled with hypnotic pictures, captured in train stations and other meeting points. A harmonious ensemble, inviting us to a wonderful journey.

© Sean Louw / Instagram


Clem Ono’s goal? To capture the essence of human life. Fascinated by people and their lifestyles, the London based photographer strides along the streets looking for the perfect lighting. By the way, he confesses, on his Instagram account: “light and colour have a strong influence on the way I see the world”.

© Clem Ono / Instagram


Babak Kanaani does not take pictures, he makes them. A craft inherited from Ansel Adams, an American photographer and ecologist. With his black and white images, Babak takes us into Tabriz, Tehran or Yazd’s streets, in Iran. A series of beautiful and social street photos.

© Babak Kanaani / Instagram


Christopher photographs are fictional artworks. He combines the worlds of cinema and fashion to reality and creates a place where fantasy and truth collide. His dark and mysterious images stage dazed characters and strange silhouettes.

© Christopher Espinosa Fernandez / Instagram