Are you in need of inspiration? Find out which Instagram accounts have caught our eye this week.


“My work is an ongoing exploration of people within the urban environment“. To Oli Kellet, the city is like a stage, changing as people evolve in it. His street photography is filled with contrasted chiaroscuro, taking us on an urban journey.

© Oli Kellett / Instagram


Vicente Manssur, Ecuador based photographer, presents his pastel universe, in which heavenly landscapes mix with characters frozen into strange poses. Whether in colour or in black and white, his images pique our curiosity.

© Vicente Manssur / Instagram


A few years ago, Maud discovered photography while traveling to South-East Asia. Since then, and, fortunately for us, she has not been able to let go of her camera. Her images embark viewers on a journey around the world: India, Bolivia, Tanzania or even Laos.

© Maud Audouin / Instagram


The mysterious Jan Urbášek and his very recent account take us on an architectural world trip. Strange constructions, impressive buildings… it seems that this photographer has a knack for composition.

© Jan Urbášek / Instagram


City is Jian Wang’s favourite play yard. The photographer is partial to black and white and minimalism. A lesson in composition and framing for those who love lines in the urban space.

 © Jian Wang / Instagram


Pratik Shah’s Instagram account is immersed into darkness. To him, “light is an aggressive, liberating force”, which must be used with caution to reveal its beauty. His models then become shadow puppets, beautified by the delicate light touches.

© Pratik Shah / Instagram


Massoud Gharaei captures the city in which he was born and raised : Tehran. Through his Instagram account, we follow him in the streets, cafés or even parks, places he never tires of exploring. A street photographer to follow very (very) closely.

© Masoud Gharaei / Instagram